Suzanne Campanile — San Carlos Head Coach

San Carlos Head Coach

  • TRX Instructor certified: STC, SMTC, FTC, GTC
  • ARRT, R, M, BS
  • CRT, R, M
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer — in process

Suzanne Campanile

Suzanne has had a lifelong love of fitness. Beginning with sports in grade school to competing in multiple road races from 5K's to Marathon distance, road biking, Dragon Boating, and boxing are just a few of her passions. Suzanne has a degree in Health Sciences, working in Radiology and more specifically Breast Imaging, Suzanne is very aware of the need for a healthy lifestyle. She is a TRX instructor, boot camp and circuit training instructor. Suzanne loves her beautiful family of three, and was lucky enough to marry her high school sweetheart!

Finding a balance between the many obligations of life, our own personal journeys, and how we can assist others, is a tremendous challenge. Suzanne's daily goal is to make a positive difference in someone else's life, and to be grateful for that opportunity.

Favorite exercise(s):Boxing, Weight Training, Cycling, TRX, Dragon Boating, Push-ups, Core Training -- not necessarily in that order
Least favorite exercise(s):Hands Down, Burpees!
Favorite healthy food:Strawberries
Favorite cheat food:I don't look at food as a "cheat or not cheat"
Greatest Fitness Accomplishment:Participating in multiple road races in the same year including 3 half marathons, and more importantly, being the Captain of 2 Dragon Boat Teams for Paddle For Life, both teams making the finals , finishing in separate heats 3rd and 4th respectively!
Biggest fitness roadblocks:Injuries/surgeries.
Current Fitness Goals:Riding a Century
Words to live by:“Walk by Faith.”
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