Stephanie Tiez — Boot Camp Coach

Boot Camp Coach

  • ACSM Personal Trainer
  • BA/MA in International Relations
  • BS in Physics
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering - currently in progress

Stephanie Tiez

Stephanie is an ACSM certified personal trainer who loves to teach strength and cardio-focused group exercise classes, so she is very excited to get to work with EmpowerFIT! She began as a gymnast, but found that powerlifting and rugby both squeezed their way into her life. In college and after college, she trained the women's rugby team at American University in the gym and on the field to improve their athletic performance. She also dragged a lot of her library coworkers to the gym with her so she could show them that everyone has an inner athlete! She's at Stanford working hard on her PhD in Electrical Engineering, but finds that dedicating time each day to fitness helps with her mental clarity and focus. In her free time, she also enjoys teaching her two cats how to do tricks and making healthy versions of her favorite comfort foods.

Favorite exercise(s):Burpees! And handstands.
Least favorite exercise(s):Running more than 100m.
Favorite healthy food:Grilled Asparagus.
Favorite cheat food:Halo Top Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream.
Greatest Fitness Accomplishment:Going to Nationals with my rugby team.
Biggest fitness roadblocks:Nutrition.
Current Fitness Goals:Get through one Insanity Max 30 workout WITHOUT stopping...
Words to live by:“Never deprive yourself of your favorite foods. Learn to make them in a healthy way, or enjoy them in moderation!”
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