Sonya Rodriguez - Boot Camp Coach & Administrative Assistant to Owner Kelly Scott

Boot Camp Coach & Administrative Assistant to Owner Kelly Scott

  • PiYO Instructor Independent Beachbody Coach
  • CPR and First Aid Certified
  • AA in Business Administration

Sonya Rodriguez

PiYO Instructor Independent Beachbody Coach CPR and First Aid certified AA in Business Administration — Currently in progress Sonya is a PiYO and Core de Force instructor who loves encouraging people to find the strength within themselves to bust through the challenges of life. In grammar school Sonya participated in volleyball and basketball. Once in high school, Sonya switched to track and field, focusing on long jump and disc throw. During football season, Sonya was the assistant to the Physical Therapist for the Football team. In 2015 Sonya partnered with Beachbody and started her health coaching business. Sonya hosts monthly online accountability groups to motivate her friends and family to incorporate health and fitness into their lives.

Over the last few years, Sonya has completed various obstacle course runs, including Spartan and Tough Mudder. While training for these events Sonya has found the value in consistently finding new ways to challenge herself and conquer her fears. Sonya's partner and daughter run the races with her and it has become a family favorite.

In her free time, she enjoys photography, camping and time with her family. Sonya is currently working towards earning her college degree with plans of coaching full time.

Favorite exercise(s):Yoga, PiYO, MMA style workouts, Burpees.
Least favorite exercise(s):Burpees!
Favorite healthy food:Fresh wild salmon.
Favorite cheat food:Pumpkin Pie.
Greatest Fitness Accomplishment:Creating consistent health habits over the course of a year and reaching my pre-pregnancy weight (8 years later !).
Biggest fitness roadblocks:Making the time for exercise, meal prep and personal development while juggling being a single mom, part time student, full time employee and overall superstar.
Current Fitness Goals:To achieve the Spartan Trifecta in 2018 and finally learn how to do a pullup.
Words to live by:“Turn your fear into Face Everything And Rise”
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