Larissa Milano - Operations Manager & Palo Alto Head Coach

Operations Manager & Palo Alto Head Coach

  • AFFA Certified Group Exercise Instructor
  • ACE Ceritified Personal Trainer
  • TRX Instructor Certified
  • CPR and First Aid Certified
  • BS in Criminology

Larissa Milano

Fitness and sports have always been an important part of Larissa's life since a young age. She started riding horses at 5 years old, which became her main sport of choice. In high school her favorite part of the day was P.E, especially when it was “gym day”.

Larissa went to Fresno State to get her degree in Criminology and began training her friends at the great new gym the school had just built. It was there that she finally realized her love for training and decided to pursue her passion. After graduating college Larissa moved back to the Bay Area and started to study to become a Certified Personal Trainer. She has now been training private clients for over 3 years and loves every minute of it. Even though she works her day job at a law firm as a Corporate Legal Secretary she is hoping to be training full time in the next couple years.

Favorite exercise(s):TRX, Running, Cycling, Kickboxing and Bootcamp.
Least favorite exercise(s):Burpees.
Favorite healthy food:Spinach.
Favorite cheat food:Pasta.
Greatest Fitness Accomplishment:Completing 15 races in 2015 (6 of those were Half Marathons).
Biggest fitness roadblocks:Not being so obsessed with eating well and working out 24/7. It's addicting when constantly trying to “practice what you preach”.
Current Fitness Goals:To stay fit and be a healthy role model for my little boy.
Words to live by:“Pain is weakness leaving the body!”
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